I’ve worked with Amanda during the last 10 years. She always did a very professional job, but this project about bird migration was especially complex and difficult. In a very short amount of time, Amanda coordinated perfectly tons of information and experts, working tirelessly with the best aptitude and spirit. I trust her 100% and I love to work with her.
— Fernando Baptista / National Geographic magazine
When a big, research-heavy project comes up, Amanda is my go-to collaborator. I can reach out to her with a series of questions and feel confident that the information she delivers will be well-researched, nuanced, and responsibly reported.
— Amanda Montanez / Scientific American
It was great to work with Amanda on a project we worked on for the New York Historical Society. She was able to accommodate our shifting schedule and not only was she a pleasure to work with, but communication with Amanda was always very clear and professional.
— Valerie Chen / Batwin + Robin Productions
I love working with Amanda Hobbs. She’s reliable, thorough and creative, and she has the experience to take a complex project and steer it to completion.
— Fred Guterl / Editor, Writer, and Media Consultant
Recently, I invited Amanda to be a guest lecturer in my Visual Language course at SUNY New Paltz, an illustration and drawing-based course about how to ideate rapidly through drawing, applied toward Art Director skills. Amanda gave a very clear, surprising, and in-depth presentation about her projects, and how students could ask questions, research them, and sketch creative concepts based on their research. She gave students something they’ll always remember, a vivid story about balancing the dramatic embellishments of visual storytelling with research...If you ever have the chance to work with Amanda, you’ll find her a reliable, resilient, analytic colleague who also has the skills not only to break down a project, but also to synthesize it into a beautiful final creation.
— Josh Korenblat / State University of New York, New Paltz; Graphicacy